Curbing our diet habits, part 2: 3 courses to failure

Unless we’re on benefits (no offence, I was there once) we probably hate daytime TV. However we may have enjoyed the the cooking programmes. And for us UK folk the king of all these shows is ‘Come Dine with me’. Yes we all love the way that guy mocks everyone with merciless effect. Cooking programmes and fine dining is all about 3 course meals; like I mentioned in a previous blog it is our habits making us fat and unhealthy not necessarily our diet itself. By combining so many different foods and foodgroups we delay the process of digestion. This is why we feel lethargic after a big meal, not because ‘carbs are heavy’ it is because we combined so much in one sitting. I believe you should be able to indulge in a cheescake or apple crumble two or three times a week but don’t eat it straight after your meal. Give it an hour or two make a cup of tea and then enjoy your cheesecake over a rubbish DVD.

By the way, you probably realised I am quite permissive with my nutritional advice. However, if your were paying me money to keep you fit that wouldn’t be the case.

Anyway, the idea of food combining, or more to the point avoiding it, is a concept promoted by Dr Hay. The plan is great and adhering to it is a good way to avoid feeling tired and sleepy after a meal. Here is a link to it and let me know if it works for you:

So be careful when it comes to combining food. The Hay guide is a good way of knowing how you should and shouldn’t combine foods.

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