Curbing our diet habits, part 1: Tea and toast for breakfast equals no breakfast!


As fitness enthusiasts we know the importance of diet in achieving our fitness goals.  Many fitness pros will go as far as saying that 60% of the effort to reach any fitness goal involves rectifying our diet and then adhering to it.  I have come to realise that it is not our diet making us overweight and unhealthy but our habits.  These include the following:

1. Tea and toast for breakfast

2. The three-course meal

3. Finishing off the whole packet

Focussing on the first point it comes down to our hectic nine-to-five lifestyles, not leaving any time for breakfast and leaving the home after a quick sip of tea whilst munching on a bit of toast.  Worst stil,l leaving without anything and rushing off to starbucks waiting in that mile-long queue. Why oh why? Breakfast is the king of all meals, your chance to refuel after a six to seven hour fast.  A time when you need to stabilse your blood sugar levels and control high cortisol levels in the body.  Please tell me what kind of nutrition are you receiving from a couple of slices of bread, even if it is wholemeal?

So let’s start fixing up the breakfast.  Some of you may have started having porridge for breakfast; why not? Practically everyone sees it as a healthy breakfast option.  Porridge may be better than your frosties or coco pops but ultimately it is a carbohydrate so will still raise blood sugar levels.  Check this article out which exposes the myth behind breakfast cereals.

So the best breakfast is one that is protein rich.  Forget tea and toast, make time for egg and toast.  I wouldn’t care what type of bread you had if any, just start with the eggs.  Your long-term health deserves it.  The benefits of a protein-rich breakfast outweigh the harm of 30 minutes less sleep.  You could even boil the eggs the night before.

Finally, if you work out in the morning great! But that isn’t an excuse to skip breakfast.  Yeah you did well to train whilst everyone is asleep but you need to fuel up at least 40 minutes before with a source of protein.

I next attack the concept of the three-course meal.

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