Can you pack it in?

So habits are making us fat and unhealthy. The third habit I mentioned relates to our nibbles. We can’t help but love our nibbles. On the computer, at the desk, you receptionists that are getting bored and stiff-legged while you’re swiping people’s cards and signing people in. What we have to learn is to control our nibbles. When the little fat version of myself decided to get into shape, I had this very habit of not being able to put the packet down. So, rather than going cold-turkey and giving up the biscuits altogether I learnt the discipline to take two and then put the packet away. Once I acquired that discipline I switched to healthier products like dates and almonds but still maintained that discipline of taking three and and putting everything away again.

So once again, don’t get too extreme by abandoning your favourite nibbles but wean yourself off it gradually. Your not an alcoholic or drug addict, you just like your treats like everbody else.

If you feel you have to abandon any form of junk then this is a section from the blog of top fitness pro Paul Chek

“The grand majority of people are eating so many inflammatory agents; their cores are being perpetually shut down by organ reflexes that are designed to help create more room for swollen organs and aid improved blood flow as a healing response.”

Tough words indeed and no doubt a holistic lifestyle will yield maximum benefit. If you’re based in London and want to find a great a holistic lifestyle coach certified by Paul Chek look no further than my good friend Rob

So there it is peeps. Curb your habits and you’ll be closer to sorting out your diet.

Keep Well and Active



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