Purposeful Training, part 3: Stop being so Pushy!

Ok so updating my blog from my mobile so a little tricky this time.

So first we had the 80s obsession with aerobics and Fame, then the 90s obsession with cardio equipment. Then the naughties and the emerging concept that weight training helps burn more calories so c’mon girls get involved and you won’t bulk up; let’s do body pump. I did body pump for my first time and found it really tough. It even left me feeling that this is more of a bulking up routine.

So cardio involves a lot of repetitive movement creating excessive oxidative stress. Weights involves a lot of pushing and pulling, exerting a lot of metabolic energy and leading to distortions in length-tension relationships if not done in a balanced fashion.

A key missing link is the use of elastic potential to load the body ready to explode. If ever a concept was more suited to toning it would be this. How ironic that the best way for a girl to tone her arms is to perform a ‘manly’ exercise, boxing. Franchises like Boxercise involve the safe use of boxing gear to perform in the form of fun workouts. Good for all ages and levels. Click on the relevant link to find out more. Needless to say I am a certified Boxercise instructor, at least I will be once I renew my registration (ooops).

Other examples of exercises that adopt the same principle include ball slams or kettle bell swings.

An even more exciting form of training is club bell training. Weighted clubs are believed to be the oldest exercise tools. Ever watched the Flintstones? I am privileged to have trained in this discipline under Scott Sonnon who demonstrates his skills in this video

So purposeful also refers to the deployment of eccentric training. Better for mobility and more conducive to toning.

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