Powerplate workout

So, I’m not the biggest fan of gimmicks and only specialise in club bell training because it is the best all-round training tool (after bodyweight).  I have said however in Purposeful Training Part 4 that a gimmick should only be used when we couldn’t have achieved the same result any other fashion.  For a more in depth tutorial on vibration training look no further than my fellow CST instructor Cesar Clavijo.  I only ever give you the best links so that you don’t have to rely on the word of a wannabee like myself


The ’60 minute workout in 10 minutes’ is obviously a marketing slogan but definitely people have reported increased core strength and greater flexibility on the powerplate.  So good to add it to your workout but depend on it, maybe not.  Here are you four exercises then.

1.  Squat jumps

Sit back, chest high, knees not going over toes? Whatever! Just go up and down however you want with a little bounce and try a few pulses for the last few seconds.

2. Staggered Push-up

My PT friend Hollie Hill calls this the ‘bra-strap’ push-up but don’t ask me why.  It is a great way for girls to get into proper push-ups as you are creating a more stable foundation to push from, hence it is much easier I believe.

3. Powerplate Lunge

The ‘powerplate lunge’ begins with the shin perpendicular to the base.  Back foot on your tipoe then take the back knee to the ground.  That ‘wobbliness’ you see with Zainab at the beginning in the video needs to be eliminated in order to train the hips to stabilise more.  Many cardio machines (EXPECIALLY THE TREADMILL) remove this function from the hips which is why 80% of regular runners have or have had injuries.

4. Plank with knee bend

So start with the plank then go for tiny knee-bends.  The trick is to keep the core still while performing that lower body movement.  You may need a buddy to hold your core still.

Each exercise on this circuit is performed for 30 seconds at a time.

Now time to view the video, so enjoy!


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