5 Motivational tips: #2 Set your goals, NON-AESTHETIC ONES!

So every gym has its own block of hardcore regulars that come to the gym, sun, rain or shine.  It is a collection of all the fittest, leanest and healthiest people in the area.  The people that make you sick.  How do they find that motivation.  Such people have already achieved their goal but are scared of losing what they just gained.  They carry on doing the same thing day in, day out out of fear even though all they are doing is getting stonger and stronger in specific exercises.  how much more perfect can their physiques get?

For the majority however, continuing to find that motivation is difficult.  So you need to set yourself better, more realistic goals.  Aiming to get a certain bodyshape or achieve a certain bodyweight is so last year people.  Also, getting that body takes a lot of time for those of us that aren’t blessed in the genetics department.  I know this for a fact, I was born to be short and fat, now thankfully I am just short.

Therefore, keep the aesthetic aspect as a long-term goal because believe me it can be a process that takes years (I’m being honest).  Then set yourself short-term goals like being able to last a spin class or being able to perform a certain exercise like a pull-up for guys and a push-up for girls (and of course there are girls that can do pull-ups).  One thing I like to do is give certain timed challenges to my clients and encourage them to beat their previous times.  I even put clients up against each other in a virtual way and it becomes almost like playing games online 🙂

So set yourself short-term goals that are more tangible and more realistic.  ‘Make sure I fit in three sessions a week or eat eggs for breakfast every morning’.  As you become more accomplished at this you find you have been working out for a long time and seeing these differences and now the aesthetics are coming along as a bonus.

It comes down to performing ‘health-first’ training and everything else (ie looks) becomes a bonus.  Sorry but I think this photo encapsulates such a notion


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