Jessica Ennis Workout, 1

Many months ago I forecasted that Jessica Ennis would become a Britsh Olympic hero.  I also knew that upon becoming so, girls up and down the country would be eager to find out exactly how to look like that. So naturally I decided to post a workout detailing how to work on all the individual elements that constitute such an amazing figure.

Basically, you have four exercises put together in the form of a circuit.  This in intself will raise the heart rate and create a series of microtraumas around the body creating an internal environment that is conducive to fat loss. Then we make each individual exercise target a specific area in the body:

Exercise 1, Step-ups

My favourite exercise for activating the glutes as I have tirelessly mentioned before.  Ennis has to work a lot on her hip-drive which is provided by insane strength in the gluteal area.  While she may be doing power cleans to work on this, the equivalent exercise for mortals like us would be the step-up, making sure the supporting leg is upright at the shin each time.  We combine the exercise with bicep-curls which also help tone the arms.

Exercise 2, Press-ups

While it still serves as a core exercise to work the abdominals, it is predominantly an important upper body strength exercise which helps tone the back of the arms

Exercise 3, Box squats

The point of making cam squat from a box is to allow her to fire her glutes each and every time.  Doing this with an upright tibia ensures that her quads are given less opportunity to come into play.  Holding a dumbell in a goblet position is just an easy way of adding resistance.

Exercise 4, Crunches

This is the way the people shall crunch.  Too many abdominal exercises over-activate the hip-flexors. Hold the knees in this 90 degree position by engaging the lower abdominals.  The hands stay behind the head to serve as extra resistance.  Then rise as one unit from the hands down to the navel.  Exhale fully at the top of the movement and hold for a second.  Then lower down slowly on a two-count.  This method eliminates psoas (hip) activity to get you close to that Jessy Ennis look.

Another close-up of my beautiful best friend Cameron always helps.  Now time to view the video.  Check the advanced version while you’re there.

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