Jessica Ennis Workout, 2

So my bessy mate from MWM was good enough to perform what I dubbed the Jessica Ennis Workout.  Of course, Jessy would never do this workout but all the exercises in this little circuit will contribute towards acquiring a similar figure.  In addition, a lot of the exercises that form her workout schedule would be far too advanced for us mortals.  Honestly, some people need to read the descriptions more.

Anyway, ramble over, here is the advanced version

Exercise 1, Plyometric step-up

So this is also a step-up but with a little hop and leg-drive which just allows for a bit more glute-activation.  That drive off the front foot is key.

Exercise 2, staggered-position push-up

Adopting the staggered position and using the stepper is a great way of enabling girls to perform their push-ups.  The staggered position just allows for more stability around the shoulder girdle so that pressing becomes a little easier.

Exercise 3, Squat -and-press

Athletes like Ennis tend to perform clean-and-press. An example of an advanced exercise for which we find an easier alternative.  Hence we have the squat-and-press.  Something anyone can perform pretty much.

Exercise 4, Weighted crunch

So now we add weight to the crunch to make it harder in order to get those ripped abs like Jessica.  We’re also partially observing something called the ‘power chamber’ which is now becoming central to the way we at Circular Strength Training work our abdominals whereby we make subtle internal changes to develop immense core strength.  Follow this link to learn more

So there you have it.  Now you can view the whole video and check the relevant post to see how you can perform this workout in different ways.

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