Raheem Sterling: Superstar

Had a great day today as I was sat with my sports massage friend from ERGOBLISS to watch our beloved Liverpool at the ARC.  We witnessed a potential new star being born in 17-year old Raheem Sterling making his first start against the best team in the country in Manchester City.

Such talent, speed, skill and above all confidence we have someone to get really excited about.  Even Carlos Tevez insisted on swapping shirts with him at the end.  A great example of a young determined individual ready to seize his opportunity when he played against Hearts in midweek.


But my one worry and this is why I am writing about him in my fitness blog.  We have seen a lot of youngsters coming through and failing to deliver.  I do not think this is just a coincidence.  I really believe there is something fundamentally flawed with conventional Strength and Conditioning methods in this country.  We look at Theo Walcott, Micah Richards and the injury-ridden Jack Wilshere.  Traditional S and C revolves around typical Arnie exercises like the fuckin bench press.  How is the bench press functional to football?????!!!!!!!  Explosive press-ups maybe as explosive strength may allow one to palm people away.  Squats also will just limit moblity around the hip complex.  Therefore, pistols will build leg strength and preserve the mobility a footballer needs to exercise speed and acceleration.

What I’m saying may sound controversial and one may think I have no authority to speak in such a manner but I love my football club and I don’t want the career of this starlet to be ruined like that of others.  Any football fan knows what I’m talking about with respect to Walcott and Richards.  The fact is sports science teaching in universities is flawed and too institutionlised and this will become more and more exposed over the next few years as complimentary and traditional approaches to fitness become more popular.

2 thoughts on “Raheem Sterling: Superstar

  1. I know what you mean. You need to keep the Strength and Conditioning sports specific. Like you said, a bench press has no use in football. Just need to find out what exercises translate to football or any other sport you’re looking to improve on.

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