Strength, Power and Resilience


Today I completed a 2-day seminar on Strength, Power and Resilience hosted by three top fitness professionals in the industry.

Number 1 was Jack Lovett a former champion of British Natural Strongest Man now with an amazing strength and conditioning centre called Spartan Performance in the North-West of England.  With him we covered the basic four lifts in weight-training; Squat, Deadlift, Bench Press, and Overhead Shoulder Press.  Check out my video on the subject.

It was nice to see that Jack was very impressed with my deadlift, the one exercise that most people get horribly wrong.  You’d think that after two years as a fitness professional why would I do a course like this.  Remember, sport science is still a baby and there is so much to learn from different people’s experiences and their programmes.  Also, these guys spend a huge amount of time on warm-up, prep drills and mobility/foam-rolling before going in with their exercises.  In addition, they stick to these lifts with very few assistance exercises and do a lot of conditioning exercises like tire-flips and prowler pushes.  This is what goes on at Spartan Performance.

Then there was Sabina Skala, Strength and Conditioning coach at CJS combat.  Sabina taught us the Power Clean which is an important exercise in generating insane power from our hips, important for athletes, good for fat-burning and an advert for combining strength and mobility.  Quite surprising how the Clean is a separate exercise in itself and how technical and varied it can be.  I am relishing the challenge to perfect my clean using this method of double knee-bend.


Persona number three was Jonathan Lewis, Physio extraordinaire, also part of the CJS team.  There are a lot of old-fashioned physios out there whose treatments are nothing but temporary analgesics providing short-term relief.  I look at what physios do for themselves in terms of their own training.  You can only understand other people’s bodies if you explore your own body and Jonathan is well-versed in different types of training, including various body-flow systems be they yoga or martial arts. In addition he taught valuable release techniques using the various TP massage tools.

I will have taken so much from this course and in the next few weeks people will see a trainer taking huge steps into furthering his ability in the fitness industry.

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