No Pain no Gain!!!!! Really????


No Pain no gain?  That’s what they say right?  Think again.  Of course, plodding on the treadmill is unlikely to yield results if, for instance, fat-loss is your goal but are there any specific rules when it comes to exercise-induced pain?


Enter the TED scale, the regulatory foundation for all your exercise as taught to me by American based, world renowned trainer Scott Sonnon of Rmax International.  Essentially, we distinguish between exertion and discomfort; hence any pain, or discomfort, felt in the knees, lower back, neck, shoulder or ankle should initially be treated with caution.  Stop the workout or modify it, even consult a professional.


Always aim for the best possible technique like on your squat.  Once you have nailed that start increase your exertion levels.  Is your 30kg squat still as good as your 10kg squat.  Actually, is your bodyweight squat any good at all? If not then why are you placing any kind of load on your back????  Maybe the technique is still true to form but added exertion levels is inflicting too much pain.  Then you stop, again get to the bottom of the problem or change exercise.  Now do you realise why such a simple formula should be the basis of all our workouts?


As RMAX instructors we are skilled in using this formula to help people find the best exercise routine that will get them to their goals in the safest, most effective way.  We don’t school people to muscle their way through things with heavier and heavier loads but encourage you to discover the length and breadth of your fitness.  Go to their website and find an instructor near you


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