The New Model for Personal Training

Personal Training may be a profession to me but for you it is a service.  Now, we would hire a lawyer for a specific case, or a project manager for a specific venture.  You probably think that a PT has to be for life.  I never aim to make someone dependent on me as a trainer.  Through reading my blog you will realise that you do need the advice of a trainer like myself but that you will get maximum benefit in minimum time.  You will learn how to maximise your time in the gym or during your workout.  You will also get an insight into an innovative approach to training called CST where we prioritise your longevity, ageless mobility and pain-free health.  Hope you enjoy the blog, the accompanying images and videos and I look forward to getting your feedback.

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4 thoughts on “The New Model for Personal Training

  1. Ive been working out with Saaj since Nov 2011 and he has transformed my attitude to gym. At 42, having been in gyms since I was in my 20s, things had gotten stale and despite going to the gym often I felt my fitness and physique slipping a bit. Saaj has systematically and methodically improved my posture, massively strengthened my back and then got to work in getting me fit and looking and feeling a lot better. My workouts are now really businesslike and focused. Thanks Saaj, Phil.

  2. All good and well, but some folk are JUST NOT THAT MOTIVATED! Having only been in the industry for 7 years I have noticed some interestin things. The percentage of people attending gym is still 20% properly active (combining exercise with good eating and drinking habits), the percentage of people who cancel their gym memberships after the first year or two and most interesting thing is that with all the fitness/wellness info out there obesity is still on the increase. Having been a PT for the last two years I have come to learn if people don’t have someone they’re accountable to they will not end up at the gym hence PT.
    So while it is the idea of making people self reliant, it is just not happening in sooo many cases.
    Keep up the good work brother.

    • Hey Grant. Hope you’re well. Thanks for the comment and your point is valid. It’s just that this blog is about adding value to personal training and one of the deterrents against it is the feeling amongst people that we are going to make them reliant upon us.

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