Need Help in your Training?

Why use a Trainer?

1. Motivation:  I have worked in a busy gym for years and very few people remain consistent for years on end.  Even the weekly half hour session with a trainer can help maintain the contact between yourself and your fitness.

2. Direction: Even regular gym attendees are making basic errors when performing staple exercises.  Runners on the treadmill are deploying bad technique.  As trainers we invest a lot in learning from prominent figures in the industry in order to impart our knowledge to the wider community, keeping you safe and your training purposeful.

3. Variety: Weights and cardio? Abs and stretching? 3 sets of 10?  A trainer is skilled in different areas of fitness, knowing which gadgets and equipment are actually useful and beneficial.  From powerplates to bodyweight, kettlebells and clubells, a trainer can help broaden your approach to training.

Most trainers are happy to do a taster session and consultation so that an evaluation can be made into your fitness goals and how best to achieve them.  Then you can decide if you want regular weekly contact multiple times a week or the odd monthly session to keep you motivated, equipped and well-informed in your training.

Personal training is for everyone not just for the elite few that can afford it.  It can help maximise your membership not add to it.

For your free consultation call me

07502 191541

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