Top 5 Home-Workout Systems: #1 Bodyweight

I have previously mentioned how while the desire to keep fit has increased people have fallen out of love with gyms.  This is mainly because of the whole issue of binding contracts.  As a personal trainer in such a gym I kind of know how you feel.  You arrive at the door enquiring about membership, ‘Just tell me the friggin price!’.  If Mama Maria can have a menu up outside their cafe why can’t you just put up a price-list!  It is partly down to people’s lack of motivation to continue attending the gym.  I’ve said this before, those that are ever-present are the ones that got their results (mainly because of their good genetics) then they were scared to lose their results so they kept coming.

Another good way around this is to train at home.  Now let me be honest, this is very hard and requires a tremendous amount of discipline but it is important to know what you can use to train at home.  You open an Argos catalogue and you will be inundated with home exercise equipment and end up thinking that you need all of this.  Worse still, the person demonstrating the Ab-toner, chest-expander or wibbly-wobbly board will have an immaculate figure or physique.  So it is important you know which bit of kit is actually going to benefit you.  Hence, I will go into pieces of equipment that are available out there which I believe you can really get a good workout from.

And the number one bit of kit is nothing but yourself.  I wrote about the merits of bodyweight-training in an earlier post and got over 1200 views! So this seems to be a popular topic.

The hot girl up there is Zuzanna and she has a lot of bodyweight workouts on You Tube under the name  She also has a lot of other material online which is rather pleasant to watch 😉

Bodyweight training has no limits and works for every level.  If you’re looking for a really basic workout then go to this post and the corresponding video