Advanced Bodyweight Circuit

Continuing with the bodyweight feature, I decided to make the most of the London sunshine (yes London) and my newly waxed chest by performing a bodyweight workout for the more advanced.  Workouts like this kind of prove a few things:

  • There is never any excuse not to train.  Even you bodybuilding freaks can build serious muscle and insane core strength with these exercises.
  • There is a bodyweight workout for everyone.  If you look at the basic workout performed by my client in the following Youtube video there really is no limit.  Even on a really basic level you have things like the flowfit and intuflow which form some of the core drills in Circular Strength Training.
  • Those of you into your yoga the half-crow exercise is the marker for you to see if your strength has been compensated by excessive yoga practice.  At some stage the strength developed through yoga needs to be taken to the next level and this is a really good exercise to help you with that.

So here are the four exercises

  1. 1.       One legged squat

Just stand on one-leg and squat as low as you can.  Use a tree-stump or pole for support if you’re not there yet

  1. 2.       Half Crow

Assume the down-dog position then take one knee to the corresponding elbow.  Keep the elbow tight then go into a quasi-handstand

  1. 3.       Rocking eagle

Starting in a forearm balance position go straight into a headstand.  Come out of it into the forearm balance and repeat.  Admittedly I cheated a bit by not coming out of the headstand properly but I was under pressure to do one take.

  1. 4.       One-handed push-up

Get on one hand and push up, simple.  Nick Tuminello gives a great tutorial on this.

So excuse the poor quality and enjoy the video