FRUIT – The Deceitful Friend


We all have at least one of these.  The friend or colleague at work who smiles in your face then stabs you in the back.  Either that or it is a true, genuine friend who, once in a while, will bring you down; maybe date your ex or something or ‘cock-block’ you.

Think fruit as doing the same thing; we choose to live a healthy lifestyle and begin by ditching the biscuits, crisps and chocolates and we turn to that supposed best friend, FRUIT.  It ends up being fruit for breakfast, a smoothie for lunch and instead of a post-dinner dessert we had a fruit bowl.

So here’s the deal; fruit is still food and still counts as extra calorie intake.  A large apple weighing in at 220 g still contains 23g of sugar which is 5 teaspoons.  Would you have 5 spoons of sugar in your coffee?  Probably not.


Exaggerated the situation a little bit as fruit sugar is not all dead calorie with it coming loaded with other gifts like vitamins, minerals and antioxidants but the point is valid.  Fruit should be taken in moderation.

For a more detailed article on the subject from a higher authority read this article

And here are your 4 things to consider when incorporating fruit into a healthy lifestyle:

  1. Portion Control:  fruit should still be properly moderated.  The equivalent calorie intake of a medium sized apple is fine.  It may be a couple of spoons of sugar in the system but at least it comes with vitamins and minerals to help it break down easily without ‘turning to fat’.  So go for the small fruit bowl.
  2. Combinations: Fruit is consumed as a snack but even our snacks must be well-balanced so make sure you also consume the equivalent of 5 Brazil nuts or a small amount of yoghurt.
  3. Beware of smoothies: This whole business of smoothies allowing you to take in heaps of fruit should be abandoned now.  This is only the case before or after a workout in my opinion.  We already established that too much fruit isn’t good for you.  The extra problem with smoothies is that you have removed one stage of the digestive process so giving little time to your system to deal with the nutrients.
  4. Vary your snacks: There are plenty of other items that you can snack on, not just fruit; things like Biltong, cheese (yes cheese), veggie crisps, nuts and healthy bars from NAKD. Even raw chocolate or my POW POW energy balls.