Unique bodyweight exercises; the flying worm

What on Earth is he doing? I here you say.  Well, in this day and age you have to do soemthing a bit different.  Most people will say and think something negative but a few will say, ‘Dude that is so cool!’  In any case democracy wins and I am putting up a post about a unique exercise I learnt from Circular Strength Training Head Coach Scott Sonnon.

It was in a masterclass at the end of 2011 and I believe he called it ‘The Worm’.  I’ve done the basic level to start with on the video below.  Then I incorporated the hand balance.  After that I have brought it in as part of your burpee and at the end it becomes a flying worm almost like a bodypop move.

What does it do? Well any kind of high-impact move is a calorie burner.  This move allows us to use more elastic recoil in the upper body.  It forces you to get a smooth curve along your spine to enhance absorption so good for mobility.  However, it was taught to us as part of a hip-extension drill and the photo shows that I have achieved the movement through freaky lower-back extension.  A better hip extension drill is the spinal rock demonstrated by my TACFIT family and of course, Coach Scott


Notice how perfectly coach does it with a good full extension at the hips in contrast with the other guys most of whom have tighter hips.  It takes time to perfect these exercises when we are aiming to achieve a specific movement.  I’m not saying my flying worm now is perfect but at least I can do it without crushing my crown jewels, touch wood.  Oh that’s right I did it on a wooden floor 😉

So all that’s left is for you to view the demo