Work for a FIT SELF not a FIT BODY


Here is a philosophy I am getting more and more passionate about as I witness the day-to-day activity going on in the gym.  There are a whole host of exercises performed regularly all based on fallacies; tricep extensions to get rid of bingo wings, ab crunches to rid belly fat, side-bends to attack love handles, and leg-raises to work the lower abs and pelvic wall (but ‘I feel it in my abs!!’ Well I feel a punch in my face on my face doesn’t mean it is good for me!!!).

However, all these are based on one big fat delusion; that we train to get a Fit Body. Quite simply, we do not train to get a fit body but a FIT SELF.  Therefore, we do not waste time with ineffective exercises but we maximise our efforts with things that get us fit.  The great thing about adopting this philosophy is that because our workouts become so effective, as a bonus we end up with great looking bodies.  Therefore, strive towards becoming a fitter you otherwise you could carry on with tricep extensions and leg raises then witness diminishing returns, a loss of motivation and soon, it’s bye-bye and so long, nice knowing you.

With guys they go wrong when they start overdoing bicep and chest workouts, skip leg sessions and then end up with top-heavy physiques.  Worse-still, while excessive abdominal exercises may yield thicker abs (only in guys with already low bodyfat) one’s spinal mobility gets seriously restricted.  In addition, such people only work superficial muscles leaving the inner core stabilisers behind, exposing one to potential hernia problems.


With girls there is a comparable problem when they spend forever on bum exercises and the Stairmaster to get a firmer behind.  Now if the philosophy here was to get fit one would have had a proper fitness program involving squats, lunges and deadlifts and this would still result in an appealing derriere.  Just remember, this is fitness, you may not end up with the ideal body, there may be more muscle in some areas than you want but most of the time you cannot have it all.  What is guaranteed though is that you get a good body that is easy to maintain.


We’ve heard the expression ‘Shake what your mama gave ya’ and yes butts like the one in the picture are mainly down to genetics.  There are other branches of the wellness industry where you can improve aesthetics and turn to surgery, crash-dieting or on a much lighter scale, figure-enhancing clothing like the latest brand of underwear known as Rounderwear.  Check out their his and hers products at


So wear a pair of these when you come to the gym and then aim to get fit.  Filter out all the crap from your training so that gyms can get rid of all the useless equipment.  Take these steps and let your whole outlook on fitness change.