Fancy Coffee Chain or Builder’s Cafe

This for me is a hugely relevant subject amidst the ever-growing keep-fit culture submerged in a sea of misconception. Queue upon queue of people outside Starbs, Pret and Costa divided into two categories of people:
1. Those in a rush that suffice with the equivalent of tea and toast or in the fancy world, coffee and croissant. A breakfast so deprived of nutrition unlikely to keep you alert during the day and definitely not conducive to a healthy lifestyle.
2. Those deceived by the notion that porridge is the healthiest breakfast. Sorry guys but this is not true. Porridge means carbohydrates and still likely to raise blood sugar levels. A breakfast should be protein rich and that means eggs for breakfast. So where do you go for your healthy breakfast instead? The builders cafe of course where you can have as many eggs as you wish in any form you wish. True you’ll have to sit next to a bunch of big fat hairy guys in fluorescence and hard hats but try it, they’ re actually very entertaining.

The moral is not to get deceived by the marketing slogans and try to get advice from proper pros. We have two gyms side by side in Islington, London and you will always see us in the old school cafes unless of course now when I am in need of a wifi connection lol.