Tuscany Baby!

If you just want to go for a little weeekend chill, experience a different environment, nice weather and nice food for the weekend, and at minimal cost, this is an ideal place I feel.  Speaking as someone living in the UK, flights are relatively cheap. I got mine for around £100 pounds return on Ryanair, booked four months in advance.  If you decided to leave Friday and return Monday it would be cheaper but then you’d be paying more for accommodation.  As for hotels then on sites like booking.com you will be able to find something decent for 45euros a night.  I stayed in the Holiday Inn in a quiet little suburb called Rovezzano.


Flying into Pisa is both cheaper and more convenient.  A bus from here to the city and then into the Square of Miracles is so straightforward and there are always people around to help you.  It’s unbelievable how fast you can leave London and then be standing in front of the leaning tower in a matter of hours.  Just make sure you purchase your ticket at the airport then validate the ticket on the machine once you board the bus.  This leads me to stating that you must ensure you pay for your ticket.  I actually incurred a fine thinking that no inspector would come on a Sunday.  Will never make that mistake again.  Your stop for the piazza dei miracoli is clearly stated and about ten stops from the airport.  This is the view once you enter the square

So the three sites are the Baptistry, cathedral and then the leaning tower.  If you had more of a longer trip then you could take time for a more in-depth guide but if you just want the photo then make it one worthwhile like I did.

Whilst there, you may just want a little snack so I recommend El-salvadore.  Along this road you will see a number of side streets so just before you reach the tower turn right into one of the side streets and grab a panini or pasta with some refreshing coffee.

Once you have seen the main sites you can return to the airport and then make your way to Florence.  The terravision service leaves right from in front of the airport and you can even book your ride from home and pay for it online.  Nevertheless there are always people there ready to take payments for your ticket so you can’t go wrong with terravision.  I found it to be a great service and of great service.


One hour and you’re in Florence at Stazione Santa Maria Novella.  Hotels here are pricey so I would definitely recommend Rovezzano as a place to stay.  The Holiday Inn is what you’d expect and the breakfast is good, better than what you would get in a HI here, the chocolate croissants are amazing.  Here is the view from Rovezzano

Only problem is that the rovezzano station is in the middle of nowhere so either get the number for a cab firm or use your smart phone to navigate because you will need it.  As for getting there then it is usually platform 14 from the centre, trains bound for Azzero.  The ticket queue is a nightmare so just type in Firenze Rovezzano on the machine and pay up there, it will save you time.

Once you have checked in you hit the city.  For a whirlwind weekend you can cover everything within a couple of hours.  Maybe first enjoy some sunshine next to the cathedral, then at sunset hit the Ponte Vecchio and then go for some authentic food.  You just treat yourself to some ice-cream.  You won’t be able to help yourself once you see this

This was all in one day.  Going back to Rovezzano you may need to take a bus and number 14 is what you want.  It will leave from one of the side entrances of S.M. Novella next to Burger King but remember your ticket.

As for Sunday then I was actually in Florence for a fitness convention which I will talk about in my next post.