Purposeful Training, Part 5: Overtraining? More like improper training!

Practically everyone that has lifted weights for a considerable amount of time has incurred some sort of injury, ache, pain or niggle through ‘overtraining’.  Is that what you call it?  For starters you’re probably lifting weights for too long, then you want to be thinking that perhaps you weren’t training too hard, just doing it wrong!  Pointlessly lifting heavy.  Doing bicep curls with a hip jerk which would have made you a champion bicep curl jerker but probably did nothing to give you proportionally shaped arms.

So purposeful training is about training in a way that is true to form and good form even if it means we don’t break PBs.  Training in a manner that we stay injury free.  Shoulder injuries are amongst the most common in the gym and worst still we try and address it through cable internal rotations.  Hello! Practically all the exercises you’re doing are involving internal rotation of the arm.  As Charles Poliquin explains in this article it is often an imbalance between subscap and supraspinatus leading to such an injury.


The sucbcap assists in internal rotation so is probably too strong.  Hence you want to work the supraspinatus through lateral raises or better still ‘scaptions’ demoed by another great trainer Brent Brookbush


Another issue is that the muscles linking the arm to the torso collectively become so tight that the whole of that joint capsule carries a fragile sign.  Your shoulder needs to move with mere momentum as demoed in this great video


This is just an insight into correct form and how to lessen the chance of getting injured whilst still blowing smoke in your workout.  It shows that just aiming to strengthen isn’t enough and in fact counterproductive.  A good trainer has a better idea of getting this balance right.  A bad trainer doesn’t have a scooby doo.  I endeavour to become from amongst the first group which is why I like to deem my style of training as purposeful.

Looks like I’ve kocked out a few blogs now so it’s time I got everything organised to make it easier for yourselves.