Miraculous benefits of coconut water

Ok so slightly exaggerated heading but you would have believed me judging by all the celebrity endorsements of coconut water


So for a start all this replacing of salts talk is more bullcrap than fact.  If anything needs replacing it is just sodium and a pinch of salt in your water is enough for that.  Post-workout you need to replace glycogen and resynthesise protein for which even a glass of milk can do the trick but a protein shake can be more effective.  Before and during a workout however, you do need to stay hydrated and this is perhaps more important than any carbs or proteins you may need before training.  Again water should be sufficient but it is nice to have something fancy and flavourful.  This is where coconut water can find a place in our exercise regime.  Grab a bottle of Zico coconut water as I did today.  It has a screw on lid so you don’t have to drink it all in one go.

Of course, if you need that pre-workout pump through some vaso-dilation then you may need something like NO Extreme from Shear Fitness Nutritionals.  Me though, I believe in progressively improving your fitness and athleticism through a training system like TACFIT.

So take your pick but if water is too plain then defo choose coconut water over red bull or lucozade.