Back-training: If you can’t pull-up like this Don’t Bother!

Ok so that title was a bit mean, sorry. But like with the bench press egos run wild when it comes to the pull-up. However, watch the video and you will realise that the pull-up when done properly will activate more muscles than you think you had.

I love hearing guys discussing their workout in the changing room; ‘What you doing today bruv?’ ‘I’m doing back.’ I often say that you say back but I would say ‘back’ code for a glorified arm workout. In a back workout the emphasis is on the elbow moving towards the torso not the wrist coming towards the elbow. Our back workouts emphasise the latter which is more bicep work. Trouble is, we can’t grip anything with our elbow. As a result, only those with good genetics end up really working their back. A mchine like the Nautilus machine resolves this:

Any UK folk keen to use this should travel to Camden town and the Kieser training facility

The main back muscle, the latissimus dorsi perform three funtions and the pull-up allows us to perform all three one-after the other but only when we start from a dead-hang. That is where so many people cheat just to make themselves feel better that they are doing pull-ups. Another strange thing I have seen amongst the Indian-Pakistani commnity is warming up by doing pull-ups?????? That has got to stop! Executing proper pull-ups are extremely demanding so work up towards that.

I need to dig up some more articles to help you understand this subject so I will leave it like this for now.