Lift your mood with the right track

As a personal trainer working in a commercial gym, a lot of my work is acquired by talking to members (and often annoying them) in order to discuss their approach to fitness.  Today this is really difficult because most of you have your bloody earphones in your ears!  Still,  now that I have established myself I don’t need to this much thankfully.  Therefore I can talk about the merits of good music because this really lifts our mood and helps us work harder right? Actually, one study conducted by Schwartz suggests that this is not the case

It conluded that music doesn’t really boost performance?? Really?  Who took part in this study, a bunch of zombies!!!!

Thankfull Len Kravitz PHD (dont’ ask) has done a proper study showing that music enhances performance, muscle stimulation, motor skills and of course enjoyment.

However, music in your ears I believe is a hindrance.  To perfect one’s form, especially during intense interval training you need to eliminate all hindrances and those earphones can serve as an obstacle.  It might be OK during your boring cardio or ineffective station-hopping but when you are really working, any motivating music can only be background music, I’m just saying.

It is of course important to have the right music.  I know this too well as I teach spin several times a week.  I have taken some risks with certain tracks but now I try and stay commercial just to be safe.  A great website is fitmixpro; search for your own tracks, the right BPM and the software will put it together in one big mix.  The site is supposed to be for fitness professionals but there is no login system yet so take advantage.  A complete mix will cost around 11 pounds but you can get one of my mixes for free by going to the following link

Someone else with some great mixes is my client Tommy Clark.  Check these bangers out

So music is a great motivator but only in certain circumstances provided you have the music that matches the intensity level needed for the workout.

Hope you enjoy the mixes and try to leave us some comments.