5 Motivational Tips: #1 Enjoyment

So five days between now and Sunday for which I should have a couple of goodies in store for my readers.  Prior to that let’s go through five of my motivational tips to keep you involved in some sort of exercise or another.

We’re only going to be fit and healthy if we make fitness part of our enduring culture and not consider it a chore.  That’s why it is important to enjoy getting or keeping fit.  This may be easy for some because it is something they naturally take to but for others it is a lot harder.  So for starters, choose something you enjoy; this is why Zumba is so popular becuase of the enjoyment factor.

In Zumba you get to move a lot and sweat a lot.  It is probably better than some forms of cardio that people are doing due to the use of multi-planar movement, making it good for mobility as well.  And what’s more, there is no shortage of classes wherever you go, at least in the UK anyway.  I mean let’s face it you may find it harder to locate a class in Saudi Arabia lol.

However, this alone quite simply isn’t hardcore enough.  To really zap the fat and keep it off then you have to be engaging in some sort of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).  Not going too much into detail so this is a rundown of what HIIT is


Anyway, doing this by yourself is very difficult and requires so much discipline.  Hence, you need to find a way to do this in a fun setting so look no further than Spinning.  An intense cardio session where there is a range of intensities, perfect for firing up the metabolism.

Above all it is fun and people are turning to it becuase it makes cardio that much more interesting.  I got into shape by doing daily cardio sessions on the rower for 30 minutes every morning and believe me it was hard and required so much discipline.  Now I teach spin and cardio is so much more worthwhile (getting paid for it helps btw 🙂 ).

So find a way to make your workout more fun.  Group exercise is a great way to do that.  Zumba on a lighter level and spinning on a more intense level but walking the dog may be a more appropriate step for you depending on your current state of fitness.  The aim is to make it part of you that you want to do.